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Plant Based Consults

Have you been noticing all of the plant based products on the grocery store shelves these days? 

Thought about trying some things but aren’t sure where to start?


Wherever you are at with this thought process, I’d be happy to help!


I have been eating a plants exclusively since 2018… but my journey started in 2014! It’s been a long haul and I’ve learned so much along the way. 


I’ve learned… What TO & what NOT to do, when it comes to buying those “plant based” items. What ingredients you should be cautious of & what products to skip the box & just make at home!


I’ve gathered a huge variety of skills in the kitchen and with all of that experience under my belt, one of my favorite things to do is transfer my knowledge to others! 

I offer a tiered variety of options, starting with a FREE 30-Minute Call which may touch base on all of your concerns at once. Or if you feel like you need further assistance I also offer, Grocery List Prep, Grocery Store Walk-Alongs and Kitchen Takeovers! Let's talk about it!

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