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ETRM System Development & Implementation

Looking to upgrade your existing Energy Trade Management system or implement a new one? The Industry is constantly evolving and we know how important it is to maintain and protect your data, while performing a system upgrade implementation.

Our strategy is to provide a - hands on - project management approach from start to finish. We will participate rigorously as subject matter expert throughout the vendor selection process, system implementation, training, testing, going live and further on-call assistance to work through bugs / faults. 

What to expect out of our Project Management System Implementation team... 
We are YOUR advocate! However you want your system to look and function, is how WE want it to look and function! We will work with your vendor and your business specialists, to bring that vision to life! 

We are on YOUR team! Think of us as a part of the crew because the likelihood is, we will be working together for several days or months at a time. It is important for us to make it clear that, we are in this business to help others. We offer this service because we feel that we have something to offer, that the "other consulting services" don't!

And what is that, exactly!!??

Over a decade of industry and system implementation experience

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